Our client, based in the US, has 20+ years of experience in innovating technologies that empower people worldwide to connect.
They have developed a family of products grounded in their core value of using their products as a catalyst for authentic human connection.
With millions of monthly unique users, they have been listed as one of the best employers in Silicon Valley for the past 9 years.

**This role is fully remote and and open to Canadian residents : candidates with current Canadian work authorization as well as those willing to relocate are eligible**


Infrastructure Platform Engineer – Data Engineering

An Infrastructure Platform Engineer has additional expertise in a specialized engineering domain that requires tight collaboration with infrastructure design and operation; think databases, messaging, and caching as examples.

With this combination of skills, an infrastructure platform engineer contributes to the overall self-serve infrastructure platform, while providing hands-on implementation, design, or guidance in their specialization.


You will write production code and solve hard problems in systems and services and in diverse infrastructure areas like orchestration systems, storage, and networking.

You’ll extend, support and improve the operations infrastructure. In all you do, your goal will be a maintainable, automated, and highly available environment, impervious to bugs and human mistakes.

Your solutions are based mostly around AWS and Kubernetes for our internal services and automation, and span the entire stack from provisioning infrastructure up through performance tuning in production services, and across to monitoring.

Whether you own a project from start to finish, or in concert with team members and members of other parts of engineering, you will lead and think holistically, you will decide how we move forward in a sustainable way, minimizing any adverse effects on production as a whole.


  • Ensuring the availability and service quality of all of our environments
  • Safeguarding the service from external threats and internal honest to goodness mistakes
  • Building and scaling infrastructure
  • Keeping abreast of industry standards and technology and figuring out if we can benefit
  • Developing and improving internal processes and lead by example
  • Mentoring less senior team members
  • Conducting post-mortems to analyze and prevent repeat failures
  • Enabling product and service engineering teams to develop software designed to be operated smoothly and consistently at scale and to adhere to reliability and security standards
  • Making operations more efficient through seamless maintenance and automated responses to key performance metrics, logs, and alerts
  • Periodic (including weekends), daytime (PST, PDT) on-call duty where you are first response for any production problem
  • Troubleshooting and resolving issues affecting production, such as performance bottlenecks, buggy software and error-prone processes
  • Be able to suggest and implement different data systems based on use case.

  • Experience with our current stack: AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes/EKS, Docker
  • Security and compliance concerns: intrusion, penetration, vulnerability scanning, and PCI compliance
  • Experience with capacity planning
  • Experience with disaster recovery and continuity
  • Data governance

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