H-1B/OPT Relocation

As an approved Canadian employer through Canada’s Global Talent Stream, Path to Canada helps qualified immigrant tech workers who are currently in the US stay in North America utilizing Canadian immigration options.

Are you at risk of losing your US work visa? Are you tired of the endless wait for permanent residency? Do you want your spouse to be able to work?

Find out if you qualify for relocation to Canada.

Don't lose your tech job due to US immigration issues

Tens of thousands of foreign-born, skilled tech workers are told to leave the US every year because of visa issues and an unfair lottery system. The US immigration system has failed these hard-working people who have done everything right.

The good news is, Canada welcomes highly-skilled tech workers.

Why consider Canada as your Plan B?

Years ago Canada recognized a shortage of over 200,000 tech workers. The best way to get these tech workers into Canada fast was to streamline the work visa application process.

Unlike the US, Canada separates work visas and permanent residence application processes. We know that you would never consider moving to Canada on a work visa if you could not get Canadian permanent residency too. So we cover both options.


Find out how Pranav made the move to Canada with his US job after his third H-1B denial


“Canada has so many diverse people working in each and every field. It’s really nice to see that. I think in the States, the people who own the businesses came there way back. Here you can see new people and new immigrants working everywhere around you.”


Who can qualify for Global Talent Stream?

To qualify for GTS, you must:
  • R

    Have a tech degree or significant work experience in a tech role

  • R

    Be currently working in a tech role or managing a team of tech workers

  • R

    Have a job offer from a Canadian company (If you are working for an American company, Syndesus becomes your Canadian employer of record)

Move your current US job to Canada

If you are working in the US in a tech role, there is a possibility we can help you move that job to Canada.

How to qualify:

  • R

    Your US employer does not have an office in Canada

  • R

    You are currently an employee, not a contractor

  • R

    You and your family are ready to move to Canada permanently

  • R

    Your job can be 100% remote with no travel to US clients

  • R

    You make over CAD$80,000 per year in salary

  • R

    Your US employer really wants to keep you and they are willing to pay a fee to move your job to Canada (there is no cost to you)

  • R

    You are in a tech role or management of a tech team

If this sounds like you, engage your employer and complete the qualification form.

The amazing journey of Maitrayee Sohni, UX Designer, Samsung Electronics from OPT to Canada

Moving to a new country is a challenging and life-changing experience. It’s a journey filled with uncertainty, new beginnings, and cultural adjustments. Maitrayee’s journey began in 2016, when she moved to the U.S. from India for a Master’s in Industrial and Product Design. As a non-STEM major, she qualified for just one year of OPT after graduation. She found an incredible job as a User Experience Designer in the U.S.

Unfortunately, her one and only shot at the H-1B visa lottery was unsuccessful in 2021. It was an incredibly stressful time as not only did she not get selected, we were also living through a pandemic.

Through a friend, she heard about a company named Syndesus that helped U.S. employers retain their employees when the H-1B visa didn’t work out. She had just a few months left in the U.S. so she introduced her company to Syndesus. With their help, she transitioned to Canada in August where she was able to continue working remotely for her U.S. company. Same job, same salary and even same time zone! Best of all, it put her on the path to Canadian PR.

In 2023, Maitrayee was laid off, but just a week prior to losing her job, her Canadian PR came through! With the freedom of PR, she could work anywhere she wanted in Canada. A few short months later, she received a job offer from Samsung and is now happily settled in Canada.