Our client, based in the US, has 20+ years of experience in innovating technologies that empower people worldwide to connect.
They have developed a family of products grounded in their core value of using their products as a catalyst for authentic human connection.
With millions of monthly unique users, they have been listed as one of the best employers in Silicon Valley for the past 9 years.

**This role is fully remote and and open to Canadian residents : candidates with current Canadian work authorization as well as those willing to relocate are eligible**


Lead DevOps Engineer

The Lead DevOps Engineer will have the responsibility to build, manage, and automate our Bare Metal infrastructure.

**This role is fully remote and and open to Canadian residents : candidates with current Canadian work authorization as well as those willing to relocate are eligible**



  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, similar technical field of study, or equivalent practical experience,
  • 10+ years experience in computing, distributed systems, storage, or networking,
  • 10+ years experience in Linux systems administration
  • 10+ years experience in common FOSS software at scale, such as MySQL, Apache, nginx, elasticsearch, or alternatives
  • 4+ years experience with common production programming languages, in particular Golang and Perl, or proven development ability
  • Experience with source control and configuration management software and pipelines, such as Git+cfengine or similar tooling
  • Experience troubleshooting complex issues at enterprise scale


  • Maximizing uptime and reliability of Together Lab’s production infrastructure
  • Identifying industry-standard best practices and helping apply those to our environment
  • Capacity planning and scaling of existing services
  • Identifying inefficient engineering practices within Operations and helping improve them
  • Cross-team collaboration to ensure new code is tested, shipped, and monitored appropriately
  • First responder for production performance, scaling, or security issues, including periodic on-call duties
  • Software development for tools and libraries to reduce overhead


  • In-depth experience in virtualization and object store systems, particularly linux virtualization (KVM), Proxmox, and S3-like storage (ceph)
  • Experience with build automation and test-driven development pipelines
  • Experience in container orchestration, particularly Kubernetes
  • Ability to work and manage technologies from below:
    • Debezium, Kafka, Zookeeper, Hadoop, Taskforest
    • CFengine, Nagios, Docker (docker-compose)
    • DHCP, PXE, IPtables, DNS/Bind, Keepalived, Juniper, Microtik, Wireguard, Sendmail
    • Buildbot and Artifactory

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